Opera is one of the Leading Mobile Web browser in the universe. Having a Big market share in mobile browser industry, opera is more popular than Google’s Chrome or Alibaba’s UC browser. With Recent Updates with Default ad blocking and data saving mode, it’s also top choice by android users Too.


Now We all are hearing a news about Opera browser being sold to a Chinese Firm. The same Chinese Firm once tried to buy whole Opera Group by $1.2 billion, but now they are offering Opera a Better/worst deal. Now That Firm want only Opera Browser (For Pc and Mobile) for $600 million. That group will now pay $600 million to acquire only certain parts of Opera’s business.


Opera will sell the Qihoo 360-led consortium its mobile and desktop browser operations, its performance and privacy apps, its tech licensing not including Opera TV; and Opera’s 29 percent stake in Chinese JV nHorizon.

Opera’s remaining business that is not part of the sale will include Opera Mediaworks, Opera Apps & Games (including Bemobi) and Opera TV, along with about 560 employees. As of Q1, Opera had 1,669 employees in its full operation.


Opera CEO Lars Boilesen said “The Consortium’s ownership will strengthen Opera’s position to serve our users and partners with even greater innovation, and to accelerate our plans of expansion and growth.”


Opera was looking for a buyer since August 2015. And As far as I know, Opera is still a widely used browser in many countries. I’ll agree in some fact that

  1. The Browser interface is still old.
  2. Opera Mini still don’t support modern technology like HTML5.
  3. Opera is faster than others, use less data.
  4. There’s no privacy bug found in Opera browser. Last month some of us heard Security leaks in UC browser but Opera is really something users can trust.


The Opera name and trademark will go the deal and the remaining company has some 18 months to find a new name, a company spokesperson said. The new deal has already been approved by Opera’s board.


Why this deal is bad for Users?

Because when it comes to user experience, China is ok. When It comes to price or cost, china is the best. But When it comes to user privacy, china is the worst. They brought UC browser some years ago, and I can remember, UC was my first choice. But right now UC browser have too many security issue. So let me guess once, soon Opera will start collecting sensitive data about it’s users too. Including which website they visit, which website they like, what is their interest and use those data for their personal business interest. Opera was Good by being a Norway based company, but when it’s a Chinese company, I need to look for something new.