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Products and Refund

1.0 Refund Policy

1.1 Please Make Sure To contact us before making any transactions. Web Sea refund and Money Back Guarantee is bellow:

2.0 Money back guarantee & refund policy

Refund Policy depends on the service and plans.

2.1 Refunds: If a client has retained the services for one year and has pre-paid Web Sea for such services, refunds will be issued for any unused full month of the services, upon the client’s request. Therefore, if the client’s account is canceled at any point during the one-year term, the client will be entitled to a refund for the months remaining, after notice given by the 20th day of the preceding month.

2.2 Refund Policy for different Services

Shared hosting: For Shared Hosting, WordPress hosting we provide 7 days money-back guarantee.

Premium SSL certificates: may be subject to refund within 25 days if it has never been used.

Domain Names: Depending on the Domain TLDs, some domain names may be subject to refund within 24 hours of the order with a $3 Cancellation Fee.

If you feel that our product or service has not enough value as we promised on our website, we will issue you a full or partial refund (depending on the case). But you have to show proper evidence to prove your complaint. And you must request the refund within the guarantee period. No refund will be issued after the guarantee period expires.

2.3 There are absolutely no refunds for the dedicated server, email hosting, third-party services, and add-on products – even if the service has only been used for an hour or never used after ordering, we will not be able to issue a refund.

2.4 Custom software installation fees, setup fees, migration fees (if applicable), and fees for paid control panels and software licenses are not refundable.

2.5 You will not receive any refund for any kind of abused termination or abused suspension.

2.6 If your order violates any of our terms of services, you will not be eligible for a refund for any of your services.

2.7 Various offers such as Domain free with hosting. If you apply for a refund for such a service, the price will be refunded after keeping the free Domain’s regular price.

How refunds are processed

To get a refund for the eligible service, please place a cancellation request from the client area and open a support ticket asking for a refund. The refund request will be processed within 72 hours and you will get a refund within 3-15 working days depending on the payment method that you have used.

3.0 Hacking / DDoS / Interference

3.1 We monitor the traffic flow on our network. If our systems detect suspicious traffic, we will review it manually. We do not allow DDoS, hacking, or any other interference to our or remote systems to be caused as a result of your actions. Any such event will result in immediate suspension of the service.

4.0 Account Suspension / Termination

4.1 Any DMCA content, hacking, copyrighted content, adult content and warez, email marketing from shared/reseller hosting account is not allowed. Any kind of suspicious activity can cause account suspension without any notice.

4.2 Any kind of payment due for 7 days will cause account suspension. Any account suspended will be reactivated upon paying the due bills within 30 days of suspension.

4.3 If you don’t pay your bills within 28 days of suspension your account will be terminated permanently. We don’t supply any backup for free after 28 days of your account termination and IT Nut Hosting does not guarantee any kind of backup restoration of terminated accounts. But you may still apply for a full backup of your account from us this will apply a $50 backup restoration charge and the availability of the backup of your hosting. But if you have CloudBackup service added with your hosting you can restore your terminated account for free within 90 days. If you don’t have the CloudBackup service added with your hosting and still, want to avoid the restoration charge then you have to purchase the CloudBackup service for at least 12 months.

5.0 Shared Hosting Accounts

5.1 We apply an inodes limit per cPanel account because that is where we see optimal server performance. We do also understand that not all of our customers can reduce their file count that far; for this reason, this is a “Soft limit” meaning that while the limit is reached, you will still be able to upload files. Once the account exceeds the allowed number of files then it will be in violation of our Terms of Service and can result in possible suspension. If you need to increase the inode limit, just open a support ticket and we will increase the inode limit for the hosting, additional charges may apply.

5.2 Users with more than 20GB of storage used will be excluded from all kinds of regular backup that we keep periodically for disaster recovery unless the user has the “Cloud Backup” Service with that hosting.

6.0 Server Uptime Guarantee

6.1 Web Sea guarantees 99.99% service (HTTP, FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP) uptime on all hosting plans. Should we fail to deliver this for any given calendar month, your account will be refunded a pro-rated amount for the duration of excessive downtime.

7.0 Suspension & Termination Rules

7.1 Web Hosting Service Suspension and Termination

Suspension generally happens automatically when you have a due bill. If you don’t pay your bill within the due date your account will be suspended on the same day. After the suspension, we allow you 27 days to make the payment and unsuspend the service instantly. But if your invoice still remains unpaid, our system terminates your account permanently with all the data it contains. Once an account has been terminated, it can not be reactivated by paying the unpaid invoice(s) and we do not guarantee any data backup after service is terminated. But if anyone wants to apply to restore the terminated service with the data (if available) they can do it within 90 days by paying $50 restoration fees.

7.1.1 Hosting Abuse Suspension

The following actions will result in abuse immediate suspension of your account:

  1. Bulk email sending from the website, webmail, or using any script.
  2. If we receive any email spamming report we will suspend your account.
  3. Excessive server resources will result in account suspension until you upgrade your package. (You will receive notice before the suspension.)
  4. Any kind of activity on your website that is prohibited by international law and your local ICT act will result in immediate account suspension. (It may also result in permanent termination.)
  5. File usage policy violation will result in suspension.

7.1.2 Hosting Abuse Termination

The following actions will result in abuse termination of your service or account:

  1. Hosting any phishing link/script/content
  2. Any kind of activity on your website that is prohibited by international law and your local ICT act might result in account termination. (It may also result in a temporary suspension, for investigation accuracy.)
  3. If you try to spread hate or conflicts between any nation, religion, society, community using our service.
  4. Any kind of payment or card fraud will result in immediate service termination.
  5. We don’t allow any scamming and spamming using our service.
  6. We strictly maintain anti-govt activities, cryptocurrency (for the restricted countries such as Bangladesh), any kind of money laundering activities, make money, or investing scam. If you do anything like this your account will be permanently terminated without any prior notification.
  7. It’s up to us to provide you data backup, In case of any kind of abuse termination and abuse suspension. And by accepting these terms, you agree that you will not even ask for data backup if you violate the termination rules.

8. Cancellation Policy

8.1 Hosting Cancellation: You can cancel your hosting services anytime by submitting a cancellation request from our client area. no cancellation fees will be applicable for the normal cancellation process. If you want to get the money back after cancellation, you have to create a support ticket at the billing department for processing the money back. After that our billing operator will review if your service cancellation is eligible for a refund according to our money-back guarantee and refund terms. If it is eligible, we will refund you the money. If it is not eligible we will deny the refund request.

8.2 Domain Cancellation: You can not change your domain once it has been registered. But you can cancel your domain within 24 hours of its registration. But there are $3 domain cancellation fees. If your domain’s price is more than $3 then, we will issue a refund for the remaining amount.

9. Fair Usage Policy

A Fair Usage policy is in place to ensure all of the users at Web Sea gets the service that they have paid for with acceptable quality without hampering the experience or performance of other users.

9.1 Shared Hosting

A) The shared hosting packages come with an inode limit or file count limit that limits how many files can be hosted on a hosting package. The inode limit for the specific package has been set with standard file usage scenarios of small to large size website and it should be more than enough for almost all kinds of websites.

B) Shared Hosting package can only be used to host website content (Website Files, Active Email Data, or User Data from the hosted website). It can not be used to store any other kinds of data such as Personal File Storage, Media, or any other kind of data.

C) Excessive Usage of CPU or RAM Resources in a continuous manner is not allowed

D) A single user may never use more than 25% of the resources allocated on that shared server.

Web Sea Reserves the right to review the file usage pattern for the user. Any user found violating fair usage or affecting other users can lead to immediate suspension or termination of the account without any backup of the data.

12. DMCA Notice

Web Sea is a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) compliant service provider that respects the copyright ownership of materials and reviews every valid DMCA Notice. After verifying the DMCA notice, we will attempt to contact the reported website owner via email and give them time to remove the reported content. Repeated instances of valid copyright infringement or avoidance of any action regarding the notice may lead to account suspension or termination of that user. Web Sea can only attempt to contact or take action on the services directly hosted with Web Sea. We do not have control over services that are not hosted with Web Sea.

Before submitting a valid DMCA Notice, please verify if the service is actually hosted with Web Sea. Also, please be sure that you are the legal copyright owner or legally authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. You will be fully responsible if any harm or damage is done to the accused party by submitting a misrepresented or false information and if the use of the content falls under fair use. Web Sea reserves the right to challenge abuses of the DMCA process and we are not liable for any content hosted by our users. Web Sea is a shared hosting platform where users can start their websites and serve content that they have access to. We strongly discourage and prohibit the hosting of illegal or unlawful content on our platform and willing to work closely with legal authorities to resolve any matter that may arise. You must include your legal contact details while contacting us regarding DMCA Notice or other legal matters. You may send your abuse complaints directly to info@websea.org

13. Hosting GuideLines

Users must not host any illegal or unlawful content according to the laws of the country of the user, the countries of the audience for the websites, or the laws of Bangladesh (The country where IT Nut Hosting originated from). The user of our service must not host or sell the following items on their website or from our servers:

  • Firearms or any relevant accessories
  • Pornography
  • Adult Services
  • Highly Regulated Substances such as alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana, cannabidiol or CBD, and other cannabis driven products
  • Gambling and related products
  • Content or files that infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights
  • Money Exchange or Cryptocurrency Exchange site without any government permission
  • Malware, spyware, adware, spam, other malicious contents, materials, or codes
  • Impersonating other person or entity
  • Calls to Violence or threats
  • Posting private information without their consent

Keep in mind that these guidelines are just here to guide, interpretations of the guideline or any terms on this page are solely up to us. These terms or guidelines are not exhaustive and are subject to change.

Failure to comply with the hosting GuideLines may lead to immediate account suspension or permanent termination without any advanced notice and no backup can be taken in these cases. If you believe any user has violated our hosting guidelines or terms, please report to us by sending an email to info@websea.org

Web Sea Reserves the right to review, update, or modify the terms in the terms of services without any further notice.

Last updated: 30/08/2017