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WEBSEA is an internet services provider from Bangladesh that’s extremely focused on customer experience. We Provide Web Design, Development, and Hosting Solutions. Our Eco-system is designed to Make it a one-stop solution for any offline brand to create its online identity from one place.

Company History

Basically, four freelance web Developers, MD Shirazul Islam, Shimul Shahriar, Ajay Debnath, and MD Sohel Rana (RIP) identified some major problems in Bangladesh’s internet industry. The Services were expensive compared to the international market, Services were not good enough for Professional Purpose and support was almost non-existing.

As Programmers, Our Main Job was to solve a problem, and web hosting, servers were the problem for us. So we started Providing Web Hosting and Domain name Registration services as “BDHostClub” in 2014. 


We Started as an online Forum for internet-related problems and were blogging here for a while. Sohel was in charge of WEBSEA while Shimul Shahriar handled the web hosting business. Sohel (RIP) was gone in a bike accident in 2016 and the WEBSEA Project was abandoned that year.


BDHostClub was a difficult name for a brand, so we used as our main brand domain and it is still in use today.

Our Goal

Our Focus is still the same as before

  1. Making Internet Accessible for the Mass: While Keeping our Prices reasonable, giving users the option to pay with any local payment methods. Also Providing the important support an individual or brand might need through live chat, our social media groups, pages, and support system.
  2. Creating an eco-system that works: An Online Brand starts with a domain name, we got you, then web hosting or servers, we got you. Can’t code? We Have Built-in Drag and Drop Page Builders for that too. Don’t want to do anything at all? No Problem, our in-house professional Web Developers are there for you.
  3. Building a Better Internet for The Future: The Internet could be a dangerous place for even experienced Professionals too. Our Final and Most important Goal is to Create and host Websites that are Safe, highly Secure, and clients’ privacy is safe with us.

Company Vision

We shall follow our Moral motto for the entire lifetime of this company.

  1. Expand: Right Now we are a registered company in Bangladesh, but we shall expand to the global market. We already acquired and it would be registered as a Limited company in the United Kingdom.
  2. Being Flexible and Adaptable:  We made traditional Domain and Hosting available for the mass. But we know Cloud Services like Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are on the rise. So WEBSEA shall adapt to that territory and make cloud accessible for the mass too. Make Cloud easy for starters with common control panels like cPanel or Plesk. Whatever comes next, blockchain or crypto, we shall adapt and move forward while always keeping a sharp eye for the next big technology.
  3. Never be the Big Fish that eats the small ones: Our Company shall never the evil that wipes out its competitors, nor does anything aggressive that might have long time bad effect on the industry. We were founded to help and we shall do that till the end. While Providing support and technology to big corporations, we shall always remember that we started small and there was no one to help us. Following our Masonic ideology, our brothers shall get the full support we could provide not because of benefit but it is the right thing to do.

This is us

MD Shirazul Islam


[email protected]

Shimul Shahriar

Founder & CEO

[email protected]

Ajay Debnath


[email protected]

S M Fahim Mostasim

Director of Branding

[email protected]