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Why Your Web Hosting Might Get Suspended


At Websea, we prioritize transparency and proactive communication in our services, aiming to keep our users informed before any actions are taken regarding their accounts. However, there are certain circumstances under which an account may face suspension without prior notice. These scenarios are outlined below, accompanied by detailed explanations:

  1. Engagement in Illegal Activities: Using our services for any form of illegal activity related to weapons or drugs is strictly prohibited. We comply with local and international laws and regulations and will promptly suspend any account found engaging in such activities. Our commitment to maintaining a legal and ethical environment is unwavering, and we take decisive action to uphold these standards.


  1. Hosting Adult Content Contrary to Legal Regulations: Hosting adult content that does not align with the laws of Bangladesh is grounds for account suspension. We emphasize adherence to legal requirements concerning adult content, and any violation of these regulations will result in immediate suspension to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks.


  1. Copyright Infringement: In cases where copyright claims are made against hosted content, it is imperative to respond within 2 (two) working days. Failure to address copyright concerns in a timely manner will lead to account suspension. We encourage prompt and responsible action to resolve any copyright issues to maintain the integrity of our services and respect intellectual property rights.


  1. Security Breaches: Instances where a website is compromised, leading to activities such as hacking, malware distribution, or virus dissemination, pose significant risks to our servers and user security. In such cases, immediate suspension of the affected account is necessary to contain the threat and prevent further harm. Protecting the integrity of our infrastructure and ensuring user safety are paramount concerns guiding our actions.


  1. Resource Overutilization: Continuous excessive usage of resources beyond the limits specified on the product page can disrupt server stability and compromise overall performance. To maintain a fair and reliable hosting environment for all users, accounts repeatedly surpassing resource limits may face suspension until the issue is resolved or appropriate measures are taken to optimize resource utilization.


Moreover, we strongly advise against using nulled or cracked software, themes, or plugins. The utilization of such unauthorized and potentially compromised resources poses risks not only to your website visitors but also to our servers. The identification of any code posing a risk to users or server stability may lead to account suspension.

At Websea, we prioritize the security, compliance, and well-being of our users and infrastructure. Adherence to our usage policies and legal guidelines is crucial to avoid account suspension and maintain a safe and reliable hosting environment for everyone.

Should you have any queries or require clarification on these points, our support team is available to assist you promptly. We value your cooperation and understanding.