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Why You Might Get Suspended


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We and You both don’t like getting suspended without being informed first. So Websea Sends out several emails about any pending payment or other issues. But Your account might get suspended without any notice if:


  1. You are using our services for any kinds of illegal activities related to weapons or drugs.
  2. If You are hosting adult content not permitted by the Law of Bangladesh.
  3. If You are hosting copyrighted content and are not responding to copyright claims within 2 (two) Working Days.
  4. If Your Website was compromised like hacking/spreading malware/viruses.
  5. If Your Website is continuously hitting the resource limit mentioned on the product page.
  6. We highly recommend our users, not to use any kinds of nulled/cracked software/themes/plugins. If we can find out any code that is risky for your users also for our servers, you might get suspended.


Open a support ticket ASAP and your problem will be fixed.