28Jul 2016
Ad Block is The New Mafia

Earlier this morning I received a mail from Thomas Padovani, The CEO of AdCash claiming Ad blocking Companies are mafia. He said Ad blocking companies claim they are the crusaders of a better internet, but they are not. They’re running a mafia-style protection racket, demanding money from companies in order to be white listed. While ad […]

24Jul 2016

AMP is meant to be the next Big Thing, but isn’t much popular around webmasters because of some facts like high bounce rate, lower earning than normal pages, and the main problem was, it supported only ads provided by Google Adsense. Those are still a big problem now, but this speed optimization open source ( […]

24Jul 2016

Opera is one of the Leading Mobile Web browser in the universe. Having a Big market share in mobile browser industry, opera is more popular than Google’s Chrome or Alibaba’s UC browser. With Recent Updates with Default ad blocking and data saving mode, it’s also top choice by android users Too. Now We all are […]