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Success Tips and Guidelines For WebMaster.

Here at Websea, we consider ourselves the “Customer Obsessed” web Hosting and design team. And Our Customer’s success is our main priority since our foundation. Here Are Some Things You Should Do To Keep and Grow your website while keeping it safe.


1. Security:

  1. Never Ever Share Your Email or Password With Anyone. It is your job to protect your password from hackers, so keep it safe. DO NOT share or send passwords via any social media or chat services. Most are Not Safe.
  2. Never Share your domain Panel with Anyone. Not even with your web designer or Developer. If You can not change anything, let us know in a support ticket and we will do that for you. Because of The Full Control of Your Domain, your domain name can be transfered away without letting us know. So if Someone does that from Your account, we have no control over that.
  3. Do Not Use any Nulled, Cracked, GPL scripts. Most often times these contain malware and dangerous codes that could lead your website to its end. You should always buy from original developers, if You can not buy because of currency issues, let us know, and we will buy those for you.
  4. If Your Email Accounts Get Hacked, anyone can simply Use “Forget password” to Access your account with us, right? So keep your email account safe and do not share it.
  5. Use Cloudflare to Protect your website, you should use Cloudflare SSL, Optimization and Other security masures to keep you safe from Large Scale DDOS attacks.

2. Site Speed:

  1. Speed is one of the main reasons for any website’s success. So Keep your codes clean, and avoid large numbers of code chains, and plugins that could slow down your Website.
  2. Use Properly sized images. You can Always use image optimization services like TinyJPG To make your images smaller while keeping the quality the same.
  3. Use Our Litespeed servers to your advantage. Use Litespeed cache properly to make your website load like a rocket. It comes free with our servers.

3. Database:

  1. A Large size database can make your website load slow. On a Shared Hosting, Your MySQL Database should be smaller than 512MB in size.
  2. You should keep the database size small because of another reason, most PHPMyAdmin in shared hosting doesn’t allow a file size larger than 512MB, so it’ll be a huge pain any time you are trying to import an existing Database size Small.

4. Hosting Space:

  1. Here at websea, We suggest WebMasters not use more than 75% of their disk space. It could lead to disk full error or sometimes slow down your website.
  2. An Ideal Usage would be around 50% diskspace for your backup systems to work properly. We Provide Daily Backup and two-layer backup. While the offsite backup is stored in separate cloud Servers, there’s also daily backup and logs that are stored inside your web hosting.
  3. Your Emails, both sent and received are also stored inside your Hosting Account, so this free space will surely come Handy when Needed.

5. Don’t Steal or Copy:

  1. Do Not Copy Articles or AI-generated Content on your website, it will not succeed in the long term. One day or another, Google will find out and all your search traffic will be gone.
  2. Do Not Use Copyrighted Images on your website. If You Must, Provide a source of the original owner, google will not dislike you.
  3. Do Not Share any pirated content. Nobody likes Piracy, so Any DMCA takedown notice will destroy your website’s reputation.